6th International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience


The Qualinet Way — Past and Future

The Qualinet Way (Andrew Perkis, NTNU)

The Qualinet COST action has been running for 4 years and is coming to a close this year. Over the years Qualinet has made a unique meeting place for an interdisciplinary approach to defining, modelling, and assessing Quality of Experience – the Qualinet way. The talk will discuss the ways of working, the approaches taken, and some of the results achieved.

The Qualinet White Paper on Definitions of Quality of Experience (Sebastian Möller, TU Berlin)

The Qualinet White Paper on Definitions of Quality of Experience set out to gain a common understanding of the term “Quality of Experience” and related concepts, so as to facilitate the discussion in an interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners. It does not only define quality and Quality of Experience, but also the influence factors and perceptual quality features, and provides a link to the concept of “Quality of Service”, and to applications. In the talk, I will have a look back to what has been achieved, and I will highlight the people behind the white paper who contributed to its formation.

QoE for Inter-Destination Media Synchronisation (IDMS) (Christian Timmerer, AAU)

The QUALINET white paper on definitions of Quality of Experience (QoE) provides a generic definition of QoE. For specific application domains there is a need to provide specializations thereof pertaining to the respective application domain, taking into account its requirements formulated by means of influence factors and features of QoE. This part of the tutorial will focus on one such application domain which requires so-called inter-destination media synchronization (IDMS) and its QoE aspects in terms of how to evaluate and quantify QoE. IDMS refers to applications which, for example, require a synchronized media playback of geographically distributed users which are connected through a real-time communication channel such as text, voice, or video.

Beyond Quality of Experience (Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL)

We discuss the concept of Quality of Life as an extension of Quality of Experience. This will be done in the context of the intersection of three emerging scientific and technological trends around user-centric information processing: 1) new media experiences, 2) personal well-being and personal health, 3) big data and social media. Benefits and impacts of such an extension and a roadmap on how it can be achieved will be further developed.